The Truth Behind Tim Han. Scam or Really Legit?

His Childhood

Tim Han was born on the 14th of May, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea.

At 2 years old, his dad left.

He grew up with his mum and sister.

His mum worked extremely hard to make ends meet.

Tim was very shy as a kid.

He was so shy to make friends or talk in class.

His Introduction to racism

In 1997, his mum met an English guy.

Very soon they began calling him dad.

In the year 2000, His entire family moved to England.

It was in this small town in the south of England that Tim Han started being bullied because of his race.

His sister and he were there only two Asian kids in his school.

He tells a story of the bullying getting so bad, so much so that, his mum had to visit his school and complain to the authorities.

When one of the bullies followed him, pushed him and began insulting him until he started crying.

His coping mechanism

Being bullied and constantly being judged by people, made him develope severe social anxiety and low self-esteem.

In order to escape his unpleasant reality, he became attached to playing video games.

He played video games at any opportunity he got.

How he got introduced to drugs

Then came high school.

In 2005, Tim began high school and he was so determined not to be the kid being picked on.

He was determined to be one of the cool kids.

Cool kids, who were rude to teachers, skipped classes, took drugs and so much more.

His wish came through, he started hanging out with the cool kids.

In order to fit in with his new friends, he adopted their traits.

He became what many of us, will call a thug.

He got into a lot of fights and spent his weekends partying and taking drugs.

He also began selling drugs.

A business, he began with his mum’s money .

He eventually lost all of the money invested due to his addiction to drugs. Read: Is Tim Han A Scam

He found a job

Tim Han then graduated from high school with very low grades.

He told his mum, he never wanted to continue with school but instead search for a job.

His mum agreed.

But he spent most of his days after graduation hanging out with his friends.

They drank, ate lots of pizza, played video games, took drugs and so much more.

To feed his drug habit, he will steal money from his mum and sister when he ran out of the employment benefits being given to him by the government.

Halfway through that year, Tim, began applying for jobs in order to be able to buy some trending outfits and shoes he wanted.

He didn’t get a positive response from any of the companies except for one.

He succeeded to get a cleaning job.

A job in which he was required to clean, stinking toilets.

He talks about a time when was cleaning a toilet which had faeces stuck to the bottom and his manager told him to clean it faster.

In the rush, he caused the faeces to splash back on his face.

Why he quit drugs

By 2008 winter, Tim had his routine set.

He went to work, returned home, hung out, smoked weed and did drugs with his friends.

On one faithful day, his mum and a neighbor confronted them on their activities.

His mum didn’t say much on that day, she just told him she will like to have a word with him the next day.

The next day, he woke up and went to meet his mum for the requested conversation.

She looked at him with an emotionless face and told him, they should go on a walk.

On this walk, Tim’s mum told him of all she had to go through to give him and his sister the best in life.

She told him about how she had to suffer, she told him about his real father, who left them.

Then she turned to Tim and asked him if he was going to be there for her when she needed him.

She asked him if he will be able to provide her with the things she needed in her old age.

Then she made him promise her that he will never do drugs again.

He promised.

A promise he kept.

A message about dead

He stopped doing drug but didn’t upgrade his group of friends.

He still hung around with his friends who loved partying and getting drunk, so he did the same.

On new years eve 2009, he drank and ate so much.

He woke up the next morning, unable to stop food from coming back up.

He couldn’t stop vomiting.

This made him feel so sick and light headed.

Eventually, the vomiting stopped and he went to his bedroom to try and sleep.

In order to help him fall at sleep, he decided to watch something boring.

So he got his laptop and typed ‘presentation’ on youtube.

What came up was Steve job’s Standford commencement speech.

He clicks on it believing he could fall at sleep to this.

Little did he know that he was about to consume content which will change his life forever.

Steve Job’s message about dead got to Him.

Steve Job’s reminds us in this video to live each day like it is our last cause one day it will be.

He tells us to look at ourselves in the mirror daily and ask “ourselves If today was the last day of my life will I be doing what I am doing today?”

(Scam or Legit — Read Full Article)

How He transformed his life

After this video finish, Tim had a tear in his eye.

He was reminded of his mortality.

He made a promise to himself from that day onwards that he was going to live his dream.

From then onwards, every single day of 2009 was dedicated to

  • Working extremely hard
  • Developing business plans
  • And working on the development of his self.

In that year, he started a successful clubbing business.

Quit drug got a girlfriend and started developing muscles.

It took him one year to master his psychology by investing in books, self-development courses, mentors and working very hard.

He took action.

Tim Han’s Success Insider Story and Legit and not a scam.



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