Tim Han Scam? I enrolled in the LMA course… (My Review)

Every lesson had aha moments for me…

I was in awe like every time every session every lesson were aha moments for me it was like ah that makes sense oh that’s good that makes sense to me and there’s literally so much that I’m still taking in and I’m still saying okay we talked about this now how to how am i going to apply it for my everyday life so I was really grateful to feel that momentum to feel that i was learning and growing and I was really grateful that I took a chance.

If you are on the fence…

If you are on the fence trust me I was right there with you i I get it because not showing up for yourself but I think what I can say to you is if your fear of failing what if you don’t fail what if you succeed what if you learn that one thing that’s going to get you over that hurdle or that hump it is so worth it I’m still on this journey and I’m more excited now than ever.

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